The Ark in Space is the second story of season thirteen of Doctor Who.

Ark in Space


  • Tom Baker as the Doctor
  • Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane
  • Ian Marter as Harry Sullivan
  • Wendy Williams as Vera
  • Kenton Moore as Noah
  • Stuart Fell and Nick Hobbs as the Wirrn


  • Part One - 9.4 million
  • Part Two - 13.6 million
  • Part Three - 11.2 million
  • Part Four - 10.2 million


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"The Wirrn Attack" by Allonsy Potter

The Ark in Space is the second fourth doctor story and is very good. The Ark in Space is one of my favorite fourth doctor stories. The Wirrn are a fantastic villain and should return. 

The plot is very enjoyable and has some of my favorite moments in Doctor Who history. For example, when the Doctor angers Sarah to help her squeeze out of the air vent was a brilliant addition by Robert Holmes. Truly, an amazing gem.


Allonsy potter (talk) 03:13, April 17, 2016 (UTC)