The Keeper of Traken is the sixth story of season eighteen of Doctor Who.  

Keeper of traken 1

Cast Edit

  • Tom Baker as The Doctor
  • Matthew Waterhouse as Adric
    Nyssa keeper traken

    Sarah Sutton as Nyssa

  • Sarah Sutton as Nyssa of Traken
  • Geoffrey Beevers as The Master
  • Anthony Ainley as The Master / Tremas
  • Dennis Carey as The Keeper of Traken 
  • Sheila Ruskin as Kassia      


  • Part One - 7.6 million
  • Part Two - 8.1 million
  • Part Three - 5.2 million
  • Part Four - 6.1 million


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"Return of the Master" by allonsy potter

  The Keeper of Traken is not the best, but not the worst. I enjoyed this story, but I didn't love it. Some parts were dull and bland, but there were good parts. We see the return of the Master, in his decaying form and the introduction of Nyssa of Traken.

   In this story, we see the Doctor and Adric land on Traken, a peaceful land. The Keeper of Traken is dying and feels a great evil. The evil is a statue, cared for by Kassia. While the Doctor and Adric land on the planet, the statue starts attacking people. In the end the statue is found to be controlled by the Master as his TARDIS. The Doctor is transported into the Master's TARDIS. The Doctor escapes the Master's TARDIS, while it materializes. It materializes as a clock and Tremus examines it. He is paralysed when he touches the clock, the Master steps out and merged with Tremus. The Master exclaims "A new body at last..." This story is fairly good but it is dull. Great acting, but the script is not that good.


Allonsy potter (talk) 16:14, February 26, 2016 (UTC)